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name: Stephan
instrument: keys,organ,piano (Equipmentlist)
birthday: 30th of September, 1982 employment: student for music teaching
music, philosophy, psychology, writing, friends
past: schoolband, jamming, forming empty storage
favourites-food: döner, flesh, salad, strawberry
drink: cola, Earl Grey
movie/video/DVD: Schlafes Bruder, Matrix
tv: King Of Queens, Simpsons
book: Der Ekel
author: Jean Paul Sartre
band: Deep Purple, Mike Oldfield, Coldplay
DP:Made In Japan

best gig: Vacha with Joachim Witt
best gig visited: Rammstein in Erfurt-perfect show!
season: autumn
place where you wanna go: UK, Scotland
most horrible nightmare:
stagnation philosophie: living the art