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name: Lars
instrument: guitar
birthday: 15th of August, 1980 employment: student
hobbies: music, programming, friends past: with 15 had a grunge band, few years in a cover band, 1998 soloproject and metal band, May 2002 Empty Storage
favourites-food: chinese food, Thüringer Klöße with Entenbraten, McD...
drink: water without gas, Schwarzbier, Ice-Tea,Tea
movie/video/DVD: Lord Of The Rings tv: Harald Schmidt Show, Simpsons book: don't read that much
author: own creativity
band: Symphony X, Rhapsody, Rage, Nightwish, After Forever, Ayreon,... album: Symphony X - "V"

best gig: 26.10.02 Waltershausen best gig visited: Westernhagen 1999 in Berlin
season: autumn and winter
place where you wanna go: Scotland most horrible nightmare: if there's a time without music
philosophie: live every day it could be the last, live your dreams