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name: Ingmar
instrument: guitar
birthday: 16.10.1980
employment: trainee media-design hobbies: designing but NO MUSIC ;-) past: with the age of 12 learned guitar, schoolband with 14, Empty Storage with 17
favourites-food: everything that tastes good
drink: everything that tastes good, and maybe is a little healthy
movie/video/DVD: style of Hot Shots and Nackte Kanone
tv: Simpsons
book: The Black Obelisk
author: Remarque
band: TYPE O NEGATIVE, Deftones, Tool, Lacuna Coil
album: I think they wrote more than just one

best gig: Museumskeller gigs were always easy and funny
best gig visited: didn't see that much season: winter is nice but summer is brighter - who knows, nevermind place where you wanna go: I don't like hot places
most horrible nightmare: every nightmare is a nightmare
philosophie: there's always a tomorrow