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name: Axel Heyder
instrument: bass guitar
birthday: 22.02.1973
employment: journalist, photographer hobbies: playing in a band
past: different rockbands (Eigenkraft, etc..) since 1998 Empty Storage
favourites-food: noodles, salmon with spinach
drink: definitely beer
movie/video/DVD: Joe Black (directors cut) & Fightclub
tv: I hate TV
book: reading book
author: who wrote that thing?
band: Mozart
album: Requiem

best gig: 26.10.02 Waltershausen best gig visited: visited a lot, one was Dream Theatre in Haus Auensee
place where you wanna go: heaven and hell-never been in one of these places
most horrible nightmare:
cannot breathe-something like that
growing old, become a father (I'm already...), releasing a record (did that too - amazing!!)